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CITA is Canada’s centre of excellence for theoretical astrophysics research. It assembles a critical mass of theoretical astrophysicists at the University of Toronto and supports a network of National Fellows at Universities across Canada. These researchers do mathematically and computationally sophisticated calculations to describe the physics of the universe.

New and recent PhD graduates are invited to apply for positions at CITA as Post-doctoral Fellows (2-3 year terms) or Senior Research Associates (3-5 year terms). The application period is typically September to November each year and will be confirmed on this site shortly.

All postdocs can also obtain funding to work at CITA through:

- the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (The 2013-14 application deadline is 8 PM EDT October 23, 2013.)

Canadian post-doctoral fellows can obtain funding to work at CITA through:

- the NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (The next application deadline is October 15, 2013)

American post-doctoral NSF Fellows may apply to work at CITA.

CITA supports a network of postdoctoral fellows at Universities across Canada through the CITA National Fellows Program.

Undergraduate students interested in research in theoretical astrophysics may apply to work at CITA through the Summer Undergraduate Research Program.

CITA National Fellowships

CITA is a national center for theoretical astrophysics located at the University of Toronto. As part of its mandate to promote research throughout Canada, the Institute provides partial support for postdoctoral fellows working in theoretical astrophysics or closely related fields at Canadian universities other than the University of Toronto, through its National Fellows program.

CITA Postdoctoral Fellowships

CITA expects to offer a select number of postdoctoral fellowships of two to three years duration this year.

CITA Senior Research Associates

CITA offers one or more senior research associate positions of three-to-five years duration.

Graduate Students

CITA does not offer an independent graduate degree program. Students interested in theoretical astrophysics are encouraged to enroll in the graduate programs offered by relevant departments (e.g. Astronomy and Astrophysics, Chemistry, Physics). All CITA faculty hold cross-appointments in one or more of these departments, and inquiries by students seeking research supervision by CITA faculty are welcome. CITA research fellows and visitors are also encouraged to work with graduate students.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Undergraduates who are interested in working on a research problem in theoretical astrophysics during the summer are encouraged to apply for the Summer Undergraduate Research Program. Applicants may apply in early December.