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CITA Webcast Now Available

CITA is now live-webcasting the weekly seminars!

CITA is now live-webcasting the Monday and Thursday seminars. You can view the live webcast at

After a simple registration, users can submit questions during the talk or in the question period. Questions will be communicated to the speaker at the end of the talk, time permitting.

As usual, CITA is making its seminars available to the community. CITA is archiving webcasts of the seminars: audio, video, and slides are recorded and are accessible at the CITA seminar page.

We will continue to maintain an archive of the speakers' slides, as well as recording the seminar itself. The process of publishing the recorded videos in various formats and synchronizing them with the slides takes some time, but talks will typically be available online within two days of the event.

Published: March 15, 2009