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CITA runs very well as an institute; we have coffee, cookies, seminars, social events, reading material, webpages, visitors... but somebody needs to do all the stuff that makes these happen! So postdocs and senior RAs chip in by doing jobs through the year. Here is a listing of all the different jobs and what the job-ees need to know to do them.

CITA Job Roster

This is the (hopefully) up-to-date list of CITA's post-doc jobs. This is essential to CITA's smooth functioning and depends on everyone taking responsibility of their assigned jobs.


The Coffee-Getters

The `coffee supplies' job --- which rotates from one coffee drinker to the next on a monthly basis --- is essential to CITA's functioning! This job requires the job-ee to keep an eye on CITA coffee supplies and make sure there's always enough.

The Seminar Serf

The basic duties of the Seminar Serf are to keep the website up to date about new seminars; to announce the talks; and to do some work pre- and post-seminar to make sure everything runs smoothly.