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Hosting a Visitor?

IF YOU WANT TO INVITE A VISITOR it is important that you:

  • fill out the sponsor's section of the electronic Visitor Program Form and print the form
  • think over potential financial commitments and accommodation requirements
  • give form to the Visitor czar for signature and approval (approval includes making any financial commitments clear in advance of invitation)

IT IS IMPORTANT TO DO THIS even if the visitor does not require financial support so that:

  • we can make sure desk space is available
  • it is clear who is responsible for taking care of the visitor
  • the Seminar czar gets notified if necessary
  • the System manager gets notified if a computer account is needed
  • the Office can keep take care of accommodation, communication with visitor regarding arrival dates, title/abstract for talks, and other perhaps tedious but important details
  • the Visitor czar can keep the visitors page up to date

Duties of local host

Generally a local host is assigned for each short-term visitor to help make the visit run as smoothly as possible. This shares the responsibility around CITA rather than concentrating it on a few persons on the visitors committee. All CITAzens are of course encouraged to interact fully with the visitors and help out the local host.

It is not necessary that the local host know the visitor, though this is often the case; in fact this is a good way for anyone, especially the RAs, to make a new personal connection.

By accepting this role, the local host undertakes to:

1. make sure that the visitor's form has been filled out completely and signed by the Visitor czar. Often most details will have been arranged already, but check.

2. check with the CITA office about the accomodations. Should the visitor be arriving after the porter has left Massey College, it will be necessasry for the local host to arrange for pick-up and delivery of the keys to the visitor.

3. be around (or arrange an alternate to be there) when the visitor first arrives in CITA; show him/her around the floor, including a visit to the CITA office to get keys, office assignment (can be checked in advance), sign expense forms, etc. The System manager might often send the visitor account and password information to the local host. Help the person get signed on as necessary.

4. be generally aware so that the visitor is not left idle in some office. In some cases it might be profitable to go informally over the list of CITAzens with the visitor so that he/she can decide to whom to talk. There might be contacts of interest in astronomy or physics too. Take the person to the coffee room, make introductions, as appropriate.

5. introduce the visitor to the Seminar czar to make any special arrangements required for any talk being given.

6. take the visitor out to dinner with a few other CITAzens (or arrrange an alternate to take over this duty); this dinner is subsidized by the visitor's program (to avoid surprises, see office in advance for detailed accounting rules).

7. the visitor usually has a per diem to cover other meals (Massey meals are paid for too), and so it is not necessary to host meals other than the dinner. However, make sure the visitor is taken to along to lunch or headed off with a hungry crowd, etc., especially in the early days of an extended visit while the visitor is learning the ropes.