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Min-Kai Lin

PhD Institution: DAMTP, University of Cambridge
Research Interests: disk-planet interactions, instabilities, numerical simulations
E-mail ( mklin924

Room: 1303
Phone Number: +1 (416) 978-6877

Most Recent CITA Preprints:
Testing large-scale vortex formation against viscous layers in three-dimensional discs
Steady state of dust distributions in disk vortices: Observational predictions and applications to transitional disks
Orbital migration of giant planets induced by gravitationally unstable gaps: the effect of planet mass
Non-barotropic linear Rossby wave instability in three-dimensional disks
Effects of upper disc boundary conditions on the linear Rossby wave instability
Vortex and spiral instabilities at gap edges in three-dimensional self-gravitating disc-satellite simulations
Rossby wave instability in locally isothermal and polytropic disks: three-dimensional linear calculations
Outward migration of a giant planet with a gravitationally unstable gap edge