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Directions to reach CITA and Massey College

CITA is located on the 14th floor of the McLennan Physical Laboratories at 60 St. George Street. The building is labelled MP in this map of the University of Toronto campus which shows all the buildings on campus as well as the surrounding TTC subway stations.

Massey College (labelled MA on above map) is located at 4 Devonshire Place, very close to CITA (one block south of Bloor, 1 block east of St. George).

Getting to CITA/Massey from the airport (in increasing order of expense):

  • Subway: Take the 192 Airport Rocket, a TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) all-day accessible express bus service between Kipling Station on the Bloor-Danforth Subway and Pearson International Airport.

    Buses pick up and drop off at Terminal 1 (Ground Level), and Terminal 3 (Arrivals Level). The service operates about every 10 minutes from approximately 5:30 am to 2:00 am Monday through Saturday, and from approximately 8:15 am to 2:15 am on Sunday. One-way travel time is approximately 20 to 25 minutes between airport and train. You need a ticket, token, pass, transfer or exact cash on buses and streetcars. Current fares are $3.00, or $2.00 for seniors or students with photo ID showing proof of age. Tokens can be purchased at the visitor welcome desk in the public corridor outside the arrivals door of the airport. Always pick up a "transfer" when you board the bus (or pass through a TTC turnstile. You may need it to move from underground to street levels of the transit service or to show as proof of payment.)
    In every subway/RT station there is a collector booth where you can pay your fare, and purchase tickets, tokens and passes.
    ( more information ).
    From Kipling station, take the subway 15 stops to St. George Station (no need to pay again - the bus fare includes the subway transfer). On the subway platform, follow signs to the St. George Street entrance. Walk south on St. George St. through the University campus. To get to Massey College, turn left at Harbord/Hoskins and walk one block to Devonshire Place and turn left again to find the gates of Massey. To get directly to CITA, continue down St. George St. to # 60 St. George, the MacLennan Physical Building. CITA occupies the 13th and 14th floors of Burton Tower, the 15-story tower with small telescope domes on the roof, set back 100 m from the street, to the left side of the main entrance. Allow 50 minutes - 1 hour for the total trip from the airport to our location on campus. If you have luggage or need to minimize the walk coming to CITA, you may exit the train at Spadina Station (not St. George) and transfer within the station to the Spadina streetcar one floor above the train tunnel. Exit the streetcar at Willcocks Street. This name will be announced and signalled on an electronic sign in the car. When you see it, pull the yellow stop-request cord that runs the length of the car above the window, or push the red stop request buttons that are at hand level on several of the hand-holds on the car. When you exit the streetcar, you will be standing on a platform on the west side of the centre TTC median. From there, walk east, across the tracks and the northbound platform and enter Willcocks Street. Continue east one short block to Huron Street, turn south and enter the tower on the east side just before Russell Street, about a 3 minute walk.

  • Airport bus: There are two alternatives to the TTC: take the express bus to "downtown hotels", which stops at a series of hotels in the city centre. Get off at the last stop, the Delta Chelsea Inn, which is about 1.3 km from CITA, and take a taxi; or walk west one block to Bay St., north one block to College St., west 1 km to St. George St., and north one block to 60 St. George. Costs about $15 and takes one hour to CITA
  • Taxi: Go outside the terminal to the taxi stand. The flat-rate fare to downtown will be $50-$60 plus tip. Tell the driver you want to go to 60 St. George St., which is one block north of College. Get a receipt. There are two kinds of taxis: limos and taxis. The only difference between a limo and a taxi is that a limo costs more, the cars are a year newer and the limo drivers wear hats. Takes about 40 minutes. The standard tip is 15%.


If you have to get to the airport in a hurry, you can call a taxi ( Beck Taxi 416-751-5555, Co-Op Cabs 416-504-2667, Black Diamond 416-366-6868). To be safe, allow a half-hour for the car to arrive but 15 minutes is usually the standard wait. You may also book a limousine (Aerofleet 416-449-4990, Aeroport 416-255-2211, Emerald Limousine 416-590-9000). Limousines can be booked days or an hour in advance. The cost is about the same for either service, $40-$45 plus tip. The best place to meet the taxi is "on the north side of Russell St., halfway between St. George and Huron".